Boxing Classes
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Boxing Classes

Burn up to 1200 calories during a session. The options mean you always have space to elevate your Berserker experience. Burn calories. Build power. Explode your potential.

Boxing Classes

Berserker Gym Challenge means that this class could take you all the way to a Championship Belt. You don’t have to be an animal to win it…But it helps!

The Ultimate Boxing HIIT Class.

Our HIIT class was designed by our professional boxing and strength and conditioning coach.

Berserker is designed to take you to places other HIIT classes simply can’t.

THE BERSERKER isn’t so much a class but more a challenge to both physical and mental endurance. Think army assault course where every challenge sits immediately behind the next. No respite!

Book your Berserker class today but be warned. It’s not for the faint hearted!

Boxing Classes